The DEMA Fund prioritizes respect for sociobiodiversity, for Environmental and Climate Justice, for full Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Human Rights (Dhesca), for Agroecology and the defense of Food and Nutritional Sovereignty and Security (SAN), for gender equity and for the appreciation and recognition of cultural and religious self-identity, diversity and plurality.

To that end, it supports collective, sustainable projects to strengthen the organizations of Forest Peoples in the State of Pará (indigenous, quilombolas, extractive, riverside and family farming communities) and to enhance the socioenvironmental value of those communities as indispensable players for preserving the Amazon biome.

The fund is named after Ademir Alfeu Federicci, known as “Dema,” who coordinated the Transamazon and Xingu Development Movement. He was murdered in his home on August 25, 2001, in front of his partner and their children.

Founded in 2003, the DEMA Fund representas a victory of all the social movements in Eastern Pará. FASE is responsible for its legal and administrative affairs, together with the organizations and social movements who sit on its Steering Committee.


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