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FASE’s national headquarters are located in Rio de Janeiro, and we have regional programs in six of Brazil’s States.

FASE Amazônia

The Amazon carries great weight in debates on the limits of modern development. In addition to denouncing the socio-environmental impacts of large economic and infrastructure projects in the region, FASE promotes the value of the practices and life styles of traditional communities and farming families, through agroecology and stronger women’s groups. With headquarters in Pará, this regional program also works in favor of the kind of urbanization that respects the specific needs of Amazonian cities.

FASE Mato Grosso

In the State known as the center of Brazilian agribusiness, this regional program works to strengthen family farming and agroecology. Its objectives include promoting food and nutritional security, striving for environmental justice and strengthening women’s organizations. Its activities take place in southwestern Mato Grosso and in the Baixada Cuiabana. Its head offices are in Cáceres, at the junction of the Cerrado, Amazon and Pantanal biomes.

FASE Pernambuco

This regional program’s trademark has been its organic relationship with social movements in Greater Recife and in the State’s Forest Zone and Backlands. At the core of FASE Pernambuco’s work is the creation of strategies to monitor public policies and of tools to enforce the right to the city. Headquartered in the State capital, it seeks to materialize a new development model that is inclusive, democratic and environmentally sustainable.

FASE Bahia

FASE Bahia contributes to the strengthening and coordination of farming families in the struggle to enforce their rights. It encourages the organization of production associations with women’s and youth groups, in addition to training in concrete management experiences, to show that sustainable development is not only possible but practical and effective. As part of this approach, it encourages marketing at street fairs and through institutional markets.

FASE Espírito Santo

FASE’s Espírito Santo Program works to oppose forms of development that destroy the environment, the climate and the State’s quilombola, peasant and fishing cultures and communities. It is critical of “green deserts,” the huge industrial-scale eucalyptus plantations which have replaced the native Atlantic Forest. It also promotes activities against intensive oil drilling, which is expanding near municipalities along the coast to the south of State capital Vitória, where FASE has its offices.

FASE Rio de Janeiro

FASE Rio works in the Greater Rio de Janeiro region to promote the right to the city, including the defense of fair living conditions in democratic and environmentally-sustainable urban spaces. In addition to the capital city, where this program is headquartered, FASE has historically also done important work in the neighboring Fluminense Lowlands. Today, the impact of the same social-geographic segregation, inequality and violence still prevails.

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