27/10/2022 13:24

ENGLISH VERSION – The theme of digital care is increasingly present among Brazilian civil society organizations and movements. In this scenario, what are the barriers and what are the possible paths to be followed towards the incorporation of digital care practices in the daily lives of these groups? Which fields and agents are present in this process? What is the role of philanthropy in this context?

These are the concerns that arise when one seeks to reflect on the digital care ecosystem in Brazil today. And it was from these questions that this research was developed, in an effort to grope and give preliminary contours to the challenges posed, and to imagine possible paths. This research is initially intended (and brings specific recommendations) to philanthropic organizations operating in Brazil, understanding that they occupy an important place for boosting debates and have strategic resources for the consolidation of a culture of digital care in the field of Human Rights. The findings presented here, however, can be useful for thinking and rethinking the dynamics that exist at the crossroads between technologies and struggles for social justice and, in this sense, this research is also intended for all people who are interested in or who make up this ecosystem.

“Digital care and philanthropy” was developed by researchers Foz and Amarela with the support of FASE – Federação de Órgãos para Assistência Social e Educacional and the Mozilla Foundation through the “Tech and Society Fellowship” program.